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We are specialists in the creation of sustainability reports based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standard. We can help at every stage of the development process (be it advising, designing or writing), collating data on the chief issues in each organization with regard to sustainability and looking at how these might relate to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
The GRI is an international agreement that promotes the development of sustainability reports for voluntary use by companies that seek to report on a range of all relevant economic, environmental, social and governance aspects of their organizations.
Phases in the development of sustainability reports are as follows:
Report preparation: a team is designated to oversee and coordinate the preparation of the sustainability report.
Connecting stakeholders: the organization’s most important stakeholders are identified. Stakeholder participation will be crucial since all company activity needs to be aligned with their interests.
Defining the content of the report: we must define all those issues seen as key for the organization in order to satisfy all stakeholder needs for information and to manage any potential impact on the economy, society and the environment.
Supervision of content: all necessary information to be used as content in the sustainability report is collated and analyzed.
Inform: the sustainability report must be made available across all the company’s different contact points.


Preparar la elaboración de las memorias: seleccionar el equipo de elaboración de memorias de sostenibilidad que coordinará el proceso.


Conectar intereses: identificar a los grupos de interés de mayor
importancia para la organización. La participación de los grupos de interés es importante porque es necesario relacionar la actividad de la empresa con los intereses de los mismos.


Definir el contenido de la memoria: definir las cuestiones cuyo logro es importante para la organización, para responder a las necesidades de información de sus grupos de interés y para gestionar el impacto en la economía, la sociedad y el medio ambiente.


Supervisar el contenido: reunir y analizar la información necesaria para la elaboración del contenido de la memoria de sostenibilidad.


Informar: movilizar la publicación de la memoria de sostenibilidad en los distintos puntos de contacto de la empresa.