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we meditate your business

Industry mapping

Market research

We collect, analyze and synthesize all the necessary reliable information to ensure that our clients minimize their risk when it comes to decision making.

Consumer behavior

We analyze what motivates your consumers / customers, what drives their decision-making and purchasing processes, as well as how they might use any products acquired – so you can more effectively meet their needs.

Marketing audit and corporative image

We perform diagnostics on the status of all marketing actions implemented by your company as well as on the image of your website. We analyze and evaluate if these are suited to the environment and the current situation.

Synthesis of current situation

Planning is critical for all organizations. We ensure that our clients have the very best comprehensive communications and media planning, consistent with their objectives and goals.

we devise your branding

Marketing audit and corporative image

We help you to ensure that your consumers and your potential market can mentally locate your brand in the desired position with relation to your competitors.

Brand, naming and visual identity creation

We’re with you every step of the way when it comes to naming or renaming your brand in a creative way. We find the word that best reflects your values and aims, and that best expresses the basic essence of your brand.

Comprehensive marketing plans

We develop a comprehensive marketing plan for your company from initial analysis to monitoring and follow-up. We help you to ensure that these actions are in keeping with the direction set for sales and business performance.

Brand management

If your company has several brands, we facilitate an understanding among consumers, as well as in communications, of the similarities and differences between the different individual brands.

Cultural and experiential projects

We provide positive experiences to your customers by managing elements that make them identify your brand with certain emotional and social values.

we connect your brand

Creativity and graphic design

New forms of communication mean there’s an even greater need to differentiate different brands. We build graphic resources that allow clients to create their own clear and distinctive image, and one that sets them apart from the crowd.

Digital marketing

We have professional experts in the use of the Internet and the different devices that give you access, capable of designing and implementing strategies aimed at attracting, converting and building customer loyalty.

Content marketing and corporate publications

We are specialists in the creation and management of content, in both traditional and digital media. What’s more, we have a specific business unit in this area: edamel.

360º communication campaigns

Our marketing and creative teams create and help you deploy the appropriate communications policy and strategies to reach the right audiences and achieve set goals.

Relational, direct and interactive marketing

We directly engage the audience that your company focuses on. We help you combine strategies and put in place mechanisms to strengthen relationships with your customers.